Dear reader!

This is the first issue of the Rotary Digest, a magazine jointly edited by Saint-Petersburg Rotary Clubs.
We have been issuing a bulletin "Neva Bridges" for three years, which caused us to realize how important it was to regularly provide the members of our clubs with recent information on the Rotary movement in St.Petersburg and its tasks.
The general goals of our parallel edition are:
- to give an objective reflection of events taking place in the new Russia;
- to win over and recruit new members of the Rotary Club from the best representatives of the field of science, culture, business and public officials;
- to cover charity programs as the means of stabilization of the society;
- to establish connections and business contacts.
We hope that our colorful magazine should enable you to prolong the pleasure of personal contacts with friends - Rotarians from other clubs, to make exiting trips together with them, to discuss the ways of serving the interests of the society; to exchange useful business information.
We call to cooperation all those for whom charity is not just an empty phrase, and for whom service of people has become a vital need of the heart.

Sincerely yours, Alexander Borisov,
General Director of "Service 008".
Member of "Saint-Petersburg - Neva" Rotary Club.