The goals of the "Rotary Digest" magazine have already been touched upon by the editor in his address (see page 2). I should only like to add that we are planning to make our magazine in accordance with the readers' wishes and request. So write to us: what would you like to read about in the "Rotary Digest"? What actual information about Russia would be of interest to you? What types of Russian activities should we cover in the following issues? We shall certainly answer all your questions and try to fulfill all requests.
We shall be we would be pleased if you would offer us your own articles or photographs for us to publish in the "Rotary Digest", either in either the Russian or in the English version.
We are ready to establish business relations with our readers. The editorial staff would be pleased to provide information you need or illustrations upon your request. For example, if you are interested in laws protecting the rights of investors in Russia, we shall send these materials by E-mail, translated into the language indicated. Or you probably would like to enjoy the sights of Saint-Petersburg without leaving home. We are ready to send you a package of photographs or an electron version of the material on the theme you order. Every city is many-sided and diverse, especially Saint-Petersburg.
We are planing to cooperate with foreign information agencies and editions. So we believe that our magazine will be not only interesting, but also useful in uniting its friends and assistants.
With this purpose we establish the Fund of the readers of the "Rotary Digest", which is to accumulate not only ideas, plans, wishes, but also material means for carrying out different charity programs to be coordinated by our magazine.
Every reader sending any sum to the Fund is to indicate how the money should be used. The magazine will publish a detailed account of the money used. We are sure that the "Rotary Digest" magazine itself and its activities will prove a powerful driving force for the development of Rotary movement in Russia and will make these more effective.
We invite everybody to cooperate with us! The first step to make is to subscribe to our magazine!

Sincerely yours,
Chief editor of the "Rotary Digest"
Jury Gerasimov.